Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ramblings from Claire............

I literally could post something each day that our little Claire Bear says.....she is always saying things, doing things, etc that we find so funny.  So here are just a few for the books................

We were on the way home the other day and I was asking her some adding facts... like 3 plus one, 4 plus one....... When I asked her five plus one, she forgot.........I was encouraging her to remember so I said, "Remember, plus one is just like saying what comes next."  So she said, "The Thumb!! The Thumb comes next!! :)

We were in the car once again, and the song "What's your name little girl" by Lynard Skynard came one and you know how it keeps saying that over and over... Well, Claire is kinda like her momma when it comes to this... if something is over and over it gets on her nerves a bit.  So we were riding down the road and I honestly hadn't paid the first bit of attention to what song was playing on the radio.  Claire all of the sudden burts out and says......... "I mean, can she not talk??!!!!???? Why won't she tell them her name.  It's like there are all the boys and this little girl doesn't talk? What doesn't she just tell them mommy?!?"

I was trying to get Claire to eat some spinach the other night and I told her the whole spill about how there are children somewhere who would be very thankful for Spinach right now.  Without skipping a beat she asked, " Well, do you think THOSE little kids would try green eggs and ham?"

I love her little mind and all of the things it thinks :)  It will be an interesting little world in our house when little man starts to speak sentences.  Oh boy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A "Fairy" special day!

We had such a fun time celebrating this little girls 4th birthday!  If you remember my post from last year, you might recall me promising never to have a party for the little ones at my house again!? Well, my wonderful sister-in-law allowed me to have it at the dance studio and it was the most FANTASTIC place for a little girl's party!! Our friend, Carli, helped with the games ... she is so wonderful!

Tinkerbell cake, dill pickles (upon Claire's request), butterfly grape bags and chips.  Great snacks!

A few weeks before the party, I asked Claire what she wanted... she insisted on the dill pickles.  I thought it was funny at first but she was really serious about it.  I have to tell you... there wasn't a one left.... they were a hit! :)

Lots of sweet friends and family helped us celebrate the day............. Payton and Sam

Playing their version of "Duck Duck Goose................... Tinker Tinker Bell"

Jon Davis was so funny, he wanted in on the action!  He kept wanting to run around with the big kids!

Isn't this the cutest little pirate around? Anderson was ready for the party!
Noah and Joey..... Noah will be the next Birthday boy......two!  Hard to believe two years have flown by.

Clymer watched from the side... wondering whether or not to join in on the madness :)
Claire's Tinkerbell cake she picked out three months two months before the party.   I guess she knows what she wants. When we got home and washed the little fairy houses, we discovered they lit up!  Who knew!

She got real shy and said, "Mommy, what am I suppose to do again?"  I guess she was having a hard time making a wish.

What a fun and crazy day... another birthday celebration down in the books.  Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate.  Next year, maybe we will just have a small family celebration at the house ;)  I guess it didn't help that Rob had bronchitis and actually had to miss her party.  We were just thankful that it wasn't the Flu but were bummed that he missed everything.  That morning when he woke up, we knew it wasn't good.  Thankfully, we live close by his parents so they can help out at times like that.  Mary Love came to the house and watched the kids while I ran to get the cake and decorate.  Yeah, small family dinner sounds nice to celebrate 5 :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013


This year, was a fantastic Christmas.  There really are no words to describe how fun and magical it was.  I know we are at a stage in life where Christmas is going to be fun because of the kids... but I loved all parts of Christmas this year..not just the kids faces when they opened presents, but how we celebrated everything!
We started Christmas Eve off by celebtrating down at the Lake House.  Cali was in charge of food this year... we have been rotating Christmas Eve between the kids families (Rob and I were last year).  It has been fun doing something different each year!
We had all kind of yummy foods......
If you don't look to closely, you'd have thought it was Mrs. Claus herself!  I let her "play around" in this outfit during the day when we were at home and of course when it became time to get ready and go to the Lake, she wanted to wear it.  It is 3 sizes too big but I said, "sure, go ahead, why not."  She looks grumpy in this pic but don't let her fool you.... she really was all smiles.  This face is called exhaustion!

Took this pic when Rob and Clymer were playing... I love this face.... haha

Joey, Noah and Claire

Claire is trying to give Anderson a hug for a picture..... Anderson does not approve!

Heather, reading a story to the kids............

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Cake

He gets excited when he hears the "Birthday Song"  He has started calling all candles, "Birthday"  . it's SO cute!

Daddy Daddy dressed up like Santa... Claire noticed his shoes quickly and said, "Um, that's Daddy Daddy... it's not Santa."

I guess we do need to get him some better "boots!" :) hahaha
Her Ariel ornament from Santa.  I caught her several times with it off the tree, dancing around and singing with it.  She loves Ariel.

When we got home from the festivities that night, we had to get the kids' Christmas ready... I kept telling Rob we had to put together Clymer's truck.  He was like, yeah, it won't be that bad.  WARNING: If you are planning to on getting your kid one of these, it would be wise to shop a yard sale and find one that is already put together!!! AND: don't wait until the night before... It was so funny... we were so tired and there was a point where we thought the there was no way the truck would be ready by the morning.... but................

Christmas miracles do happen..........

Claire woke up first at 4:20 that morning... I was like there is no way we can get up now!  With all the things going on that day we would be dead by that night!  We told her she had to go back to sleep and we just laid there and she finally went back to sleep and woke up again around 7:00. Ah, 7:00... I can deal with that!

First thing she saw was this My Little Pony coloring book.... don't you love her pose?  She looks like a "price is right" gal!
Many hair-do's to come!

Clymer loved his truck... the night before and all the headache putting it together was SOOOO worth it! :)

He didn't get out of it for probably one hour.  He just kept sitting there saying, truck, truck truck!