Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ramblings from Claire............

I literally could post something each day that our little Claire Bear says.....she is always saying things, doing things, etc that we find so funny.  So here are just a few for the books................

We were on the way home the other day and I was asking her some adding facts... like 3 plus one, 4 plus one....... When I asked her five plus one, she forgot.........I was encouraging her to remember so I said, "Remember, plus one is just like saying what comes next."  So she said, "The Thumb!! The Thumb comes next!! :)

We were in the car once again, and the song "What's your name little girl" by Lynard Skynard came one and you know how it keeps saying that over and over... Well, Claire is kinda like her momma when it comes to this... if something is over and over it gets on her nerves a bit.  So we were riding down the road and I honestly hadn't paid the first bit of attention to what song was playing on the radio.  Claire all of the sudden burts out and says......... "I mean, can she not talk??!!!!???? Why won't she tell them her name.  It's like there are all the boys and this little girl doesn't talk? What doesn't she just tell them mommy?!?"

I was trying to get Claire to eat some spinach the other night and I told her the whole spill about how there are children somewhere who would be very thankful for Spinach right now.  Without skipping a beat she asked, " Well, do you think THOSE little kids would try green eggs and ham?"

I love her little mind and all of the things it thinks :)  It will be an interesting little world in our house when little man starts to speak sentences.  Oh boy!

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